Get started backing up and restoring your Kubernetes clusters with VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension 2.1.

Backing up your clusters allows data to be restored from an earlier point in time if an unplanned event occurs. You can back up your entire Kubernetes cluster, or part of a cluster by backing up certain namespaces or labels.

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension uses Velero, an open source tool, to back up and restore your Kubernetes resources and persistent volumes. VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension 2.1 supports vSphere persistent volumes only. To back up and restore persistent volumes, you need to install the Velero vSphere Plugin first. Please refer to the instructions on how to set up the plugin here -

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension supports backup and restore of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters, CSE Native clusters, and external clusters. If you have activated Container Service Extension, all guest Kubernetes clusters are automatically listed under Unprotected Clusters in the Kubernetes Tab. You can also add external clusters through kubconfig files.

To start backing up your clusters, you must first activate the backup protection. You can set schedules to automatically kick off backups at recurring intervals or create one-time backups.

You can recover your Kubernetes cluster or your vSphere block volumes using the backup snapshots. A snapshot is an image of your cluster at a specific point in time.