By activating VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension for a tenant organization, you provide the users in the organization with access to VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Director cloud provider admin portal.
  2. From the More drop-down menu, select Object Storage.
  3. On the Tenants tab, click the name of the tenant organization for which you want to activate VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension.
  4. In the region card, click Activate.
    1. To create mapping between the tenant organization and a storage tenant, select a storage tenant ID from the drop-down menu.
      This option is available only when you activate the tenant organization for the first region. If you activate it for other regions, the storage tenant ID that you selected for the first region is set as default and it is not customizable.
    2. Select a Storage Policy.
    3. To deny tenant users the option to the storage policy, deselect the Allow tenants to change storage policy check box.
  5. Click Activate.