By sharing an AWS user account, VMware Cloud Director users that belong to different organizations can share the same AWS S3 storage.

All VMware Cloud Director organization users that belong to a single organization can see and work with all buckets and objects that belong to the associated AWS account.

If you use the same AWS account to onboard more than one VMware Cloud Director organization, all users from the associated VMware Cloud Director organizations share the same storage.

If an AWS account is shared, you can see the VMware Cloud Director organization that share the account from the storage platform card at Tenants > Tenant-Organization-Name.

Sharing an AWS account is a best practice for organization users that work in the same department and must work with the same objects. For example, organization users from the financial and human resources departments of a company that provide input to the same quarterly report.

You can share an AWS account across VMware Cloud Director organizations within a multisite deployment. When sharing and AWS account, you can associate VMware Cloud Director organizations from remote sites with the AWS account.


Verify that VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension is inactive for the VMware Cloud Director organization within which you want to share a user account.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Director cloud provider admin portal.
  2. From the More drop-down menu, select Object Storage.
  3. On the Tenants tab, click the name of the tenant organization within which you want to share an AWS account.
  4. In the storage platform card, click Manage Account.
  5. Select Share and click Next.
  6. Select an AWS account from the drop-down menu and click Assign.
    Configuring a sharing of an AWS account takes a few minutes.
  7. (Optional) To retrieve the latest status of the account sharing configuration, click Sync Status.


Once the shared account is configured, the organization user can start using VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension with AWS S3.