For archiving purposes, or to save storage space in VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension, you can download vApps locally as an OVA file.

You can download one vApp at a time.


Verify that you have the required set of rights to download a vApp.
  • If you are an organization administrator, you can download all vApps that users in your organization own.
  • If you are an organization user, to download a vApp as, you must be the vApp owner or the owner must share the vApp with you.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Director tenant portal.
  2. From the More drop-down menu, select Object Storage.
  3. In the vApps pane, click the vertical ellipsis icon ( Vertical ellipsis icon) next to the vApp that you want to download and click Share.
  4. Select the location to which you want to download the vApp and start the download process.