Before you can upload objects to VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension, you must create a bucket.


  • If you are using Cloudian HyperStore and want to use the object lock feature, verify that you upgraded Cloudian HyperStore to version or later.
  • Verify that the bucket name that you want to use adheres to the Amazon S3 Bucket Naming Requirements. Bucket names are globally unique across all VMware Cloud Director organizations.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Director tenant portal.
  2. From the More drop-down menu, select Object Storage.
  3. Click Buckets > New Bucket.
  4. Select the region where you want to create the new bucket.
  5. Enter a name of the bucket.
  6. (Optional) To keep multiple versions of the objects that the bucket stores, turn on the Activate Versioning toggle.
  7. (Optional) To prevent objects in the bucket from being deleted, turn on the Object Lock toggle.
    Note: You can only activate the object lock feature during the creation of a bucket. If you activate the feature for a bucket, you cannot deactivate it later or suspend versioning for that bucket.
    1. Select the retention mode.
      Option Description
      Governance Mode A user with specific permissions can preview the retention policy.
      Compliance Mode The retention policy is not displayed to any user.
      No Retention Does not require the selection of a retention period. If you select this option, you can define the retention period later.
    2. Select the retention period.
  8. Click Save.


The new bucket appears in the Buckets pane and you can upload objects to it.