VMware Cloud Director service is a cloud-service delivery application that uses an underlying infrastructure, such as the infrastructure provided by VMware Cloud on AWS. By using the VMware Cloud Director service, service providers can deliver virtual infrastructure resources in a multitenant cloud environment.

With VMware Cloud Director service, cloud providers can build secure, multitenant clouds by pooling virtual infrastructure resources into virtual data centers. Cloud providers can then expose the clouds to users by using Web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as a fully automated, catalog-based service.

With VMware Cloud Director service, service providers can provision VMware Cloud Director™ instances in a SaaS model, in which VMware Cloud on AWS provides the infrastructure for the underlying SDDC instances.

The tenant administrator creates VMware Cloud Director instances which run on VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs in different regions. The different tenants can then use the VMware Cloud Director instances in those regions.

Service providers can also manage the life cycle of the VMware Cloud Director instances and their connectivity to VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC resources.

A service provider can associate a VMware Cloud Director service instance with any configuration of VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs.

Note: Some cluster configurations in VMware Cloud on AWS can affect the service-level agreement (SLA). Please see the VMware Cloud on AWS Configuration Limits in VMware Configuration Maximums for the minimum hosts per cluster with and without an SLA.