If you need to configure the proxy appliance client VM to access additional hosts, you can do it in the SDDC where you deployed it.

If you want to add additional IP addresses, for example ESXi hosts or other remote servers, for VMware Cloud Director service to access through the proxy after you generate the OVA, you can configure this in the SDDC where you deployed the proxy appliance.


  1. Verify the proxy appliance connectivity.
    1. Log in to the proxy appliance as root.
    2. Run the command to verify connectivity status.
  2. In the SDDC where you deployed the proxy appliance, navigate to the appliance VM and power it off.
  3. Click Configure > vApp Options
  4. Under Properties, verify that the always-read-properties property is set to True.
  5. Add the new target hosts as values for the allowed-targets property.
  6. Power on the proxy client appliance.
  7. Log in to the appliance again and run the command to verify the connectivity to the newly added targets.