You can use the VMware Update Repository to upgrade the vCloud Director appliance from version 9.7 to version 10.0.

During the upgrade of the vCloud Director appliance deployment, the vCloud Director service stops working and some downtime can be expected. The downtime depends on the time you need to upgrade each vCloud Director appliance and to run the vCloud Director database upgrade script. The number of working cells in the vCloud Director server group reduces until you stop the vCloud Director service on the last vCloud Director appliance. A properly configured load balancer in front of the vCloud Director HTTP endpoints should stop routing traffic to the cells that are stopped.

After you apply the upgrade to every vCloud Director appliance and the database upgrade is complete, you must reboot each vCloud Director appliance.


  1. In a Web browser, log in to the appliance management user interface of a vCloud Director appliance instance to identify the primary appliance, https://appliance_ip_address:5480.
    Make a note of the primary appliance name. You must use the primary appliance when backing up the database.
  2. Reset the update repository to point to the VMware Update Repository.
    vamicli update --repo ""
  3. Check for updates to verify that the VMware Update Repository has the desired upgrade.
    By default the vamicli command points to the VMware Update Repository.
    vamicli update --check
    The upgrade release appears as an Available Update.
  4. Shut down vCloud Director by running the following command:
    /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin/cell-management-tool -u <admin username> cell --shutdown
  5. Apply the available upgrade.
    vamicli update --install latest
  6. Repeat Step 3 to Step 5 on each appliance.
  7. From the primary appliance, back up the vCloud Director appliance embedded database.
  8. From any appliance, run the vCloud Director database upgrade utility.
  9. Reboot each vCloud Director appliance.
    shutdown -r now