The System Administrator role exists only in the provider organization. By default the System Administrator role has all vCloud Director rights.

The System Administrator role has all vCloud Director rights. This list consists of the rights available only to System Administrators. The System Administrator role has also the Rights in Predefined Global Tenant Roles.

Table 1. Rights Available Only to System Administrators
New in this release Right Name
Access Control List: Manage
Access Control List: View
Additional Services: Execute Workflows
Additional Services: View Running Workflows
Additional Services: View Workflows
Adopt Resource Pool: View
Alternate Admin Entity: View
AMQP Settings: Manage
AMQP Settings: View
API Explorer: View
Catalog: Import Media from vSphere
Catalog: Shadow VM View
Catalog: VCSP Publish Subscribe Caching
Cell Configuration: View
Cloud Tunnel Server: Manage
Cloud Tunnel Server: View
Content Library System Settings: Manage
Content Library System Settings: View
Custom entity: Create custom entity definitions
Custom entity: Delete custom entity definitions
Custom entity: Edit custom entity definitions
Custom entity: View custom entity definitions
Datastore: Delete
Datastore: Edit
Datastore: Enable or Disable
Datastore: Open in vSphere
Datastore: View
Direct Org vDC Network: Manage
Distributed Virtual Switch: Open in vSphere
Edge Cluster: Manage
Edge Cluster: View
Extension Service API Definition: Manage
Extension Service API Definition: View
Extension Services: View
Extensions: View
External Service: Manage
External Service: View
General: View Error Details
Global Role: Edit
Global Role: View
Host: Enable or Disable
Host: Manage
Host: Open in vSphere
Host: Prepare or Unprepare
Host: Repair
Host: Upgrade
Host: View
Kerberos Settings: Manage
Kerberos Settings: View
LDAP Settings: Manage
LDAP Settings: View
License Report: View
Localization Resources: Manage
Multisite: System Operations
Network Pool: Create or Delete
Network Pool: Edit
Network Pool: Open in vSphere
Network Pool: Repair
Network Pool: View
NSX-T: Edit
NSX-T: View
Object Extensions: Manage
Object Extensions: View
Organization Network: Create or Delete
Organization Network: Open in vSphere
Organization vDC Compute Policy: Admin View
Organization vDC Compute Policy: Manage
Organization vDC Distributed Firewall: Enable/Disable
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure BGP Routing
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure L2 VPN
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure OSPF Routing
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure Remote Access
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure SSL VPN
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure System Logging
Organization vDC Gateway: Create
Organization vDC Gateway: Delete
Organization vDC Gateway: Distributed Routing
Organization vDC Gateway: Import
Organization vDC Gateway: Modify Form Factor
Organization vDC Gateway: Update
Organization vDC Gateway: Update Properties
Organization vDC Gateway: Upgrade
Organization vDC Gateway: View BGP Routing
Organization vDC Gateway: View L2 VPN
Organization vDC Gateway: View OSPF Routing
Organization vDC Gateway: View Remote Access
Organization vDC Gateway: View SSL VPN
Organization vDC Network: Import
Organization vDC Resource Pool: Open in vSphere
Organization vDC Resource Pool: View
Organization vDC Storage Policy: Edit
Organization vDC Storage Policy: Enable or Disable
Organization vDC Storage Policy: Open in vSphere
Organization vDC Storage Policy: Remove
Organization vDC: Create
Organization vDC: Delete
Organization vDC: Enable or Disable
Organization vDC: Extended Edit
Organization vDC: Extended View
Organization: Activate or Deactivate
Organization: Create or Delete
Organization: Edit Limits
Organization: Edit Name
Organization: Migrate Tenant Storage
Organization: Perform Administrator Queries
Organization: Use Provider LDAP as Tenant
Port Group: Open in vSphere
Preference: Manage preference definition
Provider Network: Create or Delete
Provider Network: Edit
Provider Network: Open in vSphere
Provider Network: View
Provider vDC Compute Policy: Manage
Provider vDC Compute Policy: View
Provider vDC Resource Pool: Migrate VMs
Provider vDC Resource Pool: Open in vSphere
Provider vDC Resource Pool: View
Provider vDC Storage Policy: Edit
Provider vDC Storage Policy: Enable or Disable
Provider vDC Storage Policy: Open in vSphere
Provider vDC Storage Policy: Remove
Provider vDC Storage Policy: View
Provider vDC: Add Resource Pool
Provider vDC: Create or Delete
Provider vDC: Delete Resource Pool
Provider vDC: Edit
Provider vDC: Enable or Disable
Provider vDC: Enable or Disable Resource Pool
Provider vDC: Enable vSphere VXLAN
Provider vDC: Merge
Provider vDC: View
Reload VM: Manage
Resource Class Action: Manage
Resource Class Action: View
Resource Pool: Open
Resource Pool: Open in vSphere
Resource Pool: View
Right: Manage
Right: View
Rights Bundle: Edit
Rights Bundle: View
SDDC: Manage
SDDC: Manage Proxy
SDDC: View
Selector Extensions: Manage
Selector Extensions: View
Service Apps: Manage
Service Apps: View
Service Authorization: Manage
Service Configuration: Manage
Service Configuration: View
Service Library: Create service libraries
Service Library: Delete services from the service library
Service Library: Edit service metadata
Service Library: Edit the contents of a service
Service Link: Manage
Service Link: View
Service Resource Type: Manage
Service Resource Type: View
Service Resource: Manage
Service Resource: View
Shared Org vDC Network: Manage
Site: Edit
Site: View
Stranded Item: Manage
Stranded Item: View
System Operations: Execute System Operations
System Organization: Manage
System Organization: View
System Settings: Manage
System Settings: View
Task: Resume, Abort, or Fail
Task: Update
Task: View Tasks
Token: Manage
Token: Manage All
UI Plugins: Define, Upload, Modify, Delete, Associate or Disassociate
UI Portal Branding: Manage
vApp Template: Force storage lease expiration
vApp Template: Import
vApp Template: Open in vSphere
vApp: Allow All Extra Config
vApp: Allow Ethernet Coalescing Extra Config
vApp: Allow Latency Extra Config
vApp: Allow Matching Extra Config
vApp: Allow NUMA Node Affinity Extra Config
vApp: Edit VM CPU and Memory reservation settings in all VDC types
vApp: Enter/Exit Maintenance Mode
vApp: Force runtime lease expiration
vApp: Force storage lease expiration
vApp: Import Options
vApp: Maintenance manage
vApp: Open in vSphere
vApp: Shadow VM View
vApp: VM Check Compliance
vApp: VM Migrate, Force Undeploy, Relocate, Consolidate
VCD Extension: Register, Unregister, Refresh, Associate or Disassociate
VCD Extension: View
vCenter: Attach or Detach
vCenter: Enable or Disable
vCenter: Open in vSphere
vCenter: Refresh
vCenter: View
vDC Group: Configure
vDC Group: View
VDC Template: ACL manage
VDC Template: Extended View
VDC Template: Manage
VMC: Register SDDC
vRealize Orchestrator: Publish and Unpublish Workflows to Tenants
vRealize Orchestrator: Register and Unregister vRealize Orchestrator Servers
vRealize Orchestrator: View RegisteredvRealize Orchestrator Servers
vSphere Server: Manage
vSphere Server: Manage Proxy
vSphere Server: View