You can enable the tenant access of vCenter Server instances that are already added to vCloud Director and do not have a specified use. Enabling the tenant access creates a dedicated vCenter Server instance and makes it available to be published to tenants.

With an attached vCenter Server instance, you can create either a shared vCenter Server or a dedicated vCenter Server. If you created a shared vCenter Server instance, and you want to use it as a dedicated vCenter Server, you must first delete all provider virtual data centers (VDCs) that are using the resources of the vCenter Server instance. Deleting all provider VDCs linked to the shared vCenter Server instance changes its status to None.


Verify that you have in your environment at least one attached vCenter Server that is not dedicated or shared.


  1. From the main menu (Menu), select vSphere Resources.
  2. In the left panel, click vCenters.
  3. Select a vCenter Server without a specified purpose in the Usage column.
  4. Click Enable Tenant Access.

What to do next

Publish a Dedicated vCenter Server.