VMware Remote Console provides an embedded user-guest interaction in all virtual machines that are provisioned and managed by vCloud Director. This section details the tasks required to install VMware Remote Console on Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux.


This operation requires the rights included in the predefined vApp User role or an equivalent set of rights.


  1. Download the installer.
    • Navigate to the VMware Remote Console download page, and select the link for your platform.


    • On the Virtual Datacenters dashboard screen in the vCloud Director tenant portal, click the card of the virtual data center that you want to explore. Select a virtual machine, and from the Actions menu select Download VMRC.
  2. Run your platform installation.
    • Windows

      Double click the .msi installer and follow the prompts.

    • Linux

      With root privileges, run the .bundle installer and follow the prompts.

    • Mac

      Double click the .dmg to open it, then double-click the VMware Remote Console icon inside to copy to the Applications folder.


After installation, VMware Remote Console opens when you click Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) that begin with the vmrc:// scheme. VMware Workstation, Player, and Fusion also handle the vmrc:// URI scheme.