As an organization administrator, you can modify the password, the contact, and the virtual machine quota settings of an existing user. In addition, you can also change the role of the user.


This operation requires the rights included in the predefined Organization Administrator role or an equivalent set of rights.


  1. From the main menu (), select Administration.
  2. In the left panel under Access Control, click Users.
    The list of users is displayed.
  3. Click the radio button next to the name of the user that you want to edit and click Modify.
  4. Update the settings you want to modify.
    1. Change the password as necessary.
    2. Select whether to enable or disable the user.
    3. Update the user role.
    4. Update the contact information, such as name, email address, phone number, and instant messaging ID.
    5. Edit virtual machine quota for the user.
  5. Click Save.