You can execute a service from the Service Library page in the vCloud Director Tenant Portal.


This operation requires the Service Library rights to be included in the predefined user role.


  1. From the main menu (), select Libraries, and under Services select Service Library.
    The list of service items displays in a card view of 12 items per page, sorted by names in alphabetical order. Each card shows the name of the service and a tag that corresponds to the service category where the vRealize Orchestrator is imported.
  2. Search for the service you want to execute.
  3. Click Execute on the card of the service.
    A new dialog opens. You must enter values for the required input parameters of the service.
  4. Click Finish to confirm the execution of the service.

What to do next

You can monitor the status of the execution in the Recent Tasks view. For more information, see View Tasks.