You can add a virtual machine to a vApp.


You must be an organization administrator or vApp author to access virtual machines in public catalogs.


  1. On the Virtual Datacenters dashboard screen, click the card of the virtual data center you want to explore, and select vApps from the left panel.
  2. Click Card Icon to view the vApps in a card view.
  3. From the Actions menu of the vApp to which you want to add a virtual machine, select Add VM.
    The list of virtual machines that are associated to the vApp displays in the Add VMs window.
  4. To create a new virtual machine and associate it with the vApp automatically, click Add Virtual Machine.
  5. Enter the name and the computer name for the virtual machine.
    Important: The computer name can contain only alphanumeric characters and hyphens. A computer name cannot consist of digits only and cannot contain spaces.
  6. (Optional) Enter a meaningful description.
  7. Select whether you want the virtual machine to power on right after it is created.
  8. Select how you want to deploy the virtual machine.
    Option Action
    New You deploy a new virtual machine with customizable settings.
    1. Select an Operating System family and Operating System.
    2. (Optional) Select a boot image.
    3. Select the compute policy.
    4. Select the size of the virtual machine or click Custom Sizing Options to enter the compute, memory, and storage settings manually.

      The predefinded sizing options are small, medium, or large.

    5. Specify the storage settings of the virtual machine, such as storage policy and size in GB.
    6. Specify the network settings for the virtual machine, such as network, IP mode, IP address, and primary NIC.
    From Template You deploy a virtual machine from a template that you select from the templates catalog.
    1. Select the virtual machine template from the catalog.
    2. (Optional) Select to use a custom storage policy and select the policy from the Custom storage policy to use.
    3. If there is an end user license agreement available, you must review and accept it.
  9. Click OK to create the virtual machine.
  10. Click Add to add the virtual machine to the vApp.