You can configure and enable VMware Cloud Director to use vCenter Single Sign-On so that the vSphere identity provider authenticates the system administrators.

vCenter Lookup Service contains topology information about the vSphere infrastructure, enabling vSphere components to connect to each other securely.


  1. From the top navigation bar, select Administration.
  2. From the left pane, under Settings, select vSphere Services.
  3. Configure the vSphere Services.
    • To register VMware Cloud Director with the vCenter Lookup Service, click Register.
    • To unregister VMware Cloud Director from the vCenter Lookup Service, click Unregister.
  4. Enter the vCenter Lookup Service URL, for example, https://hostname:443/lookupservice/sdk.
  5. Enter the user name and password of a vCenter Single Sign-On user with administrative privileges, for example, the administrator@your_domain_name user.


If you registered VMware Cloud Director with the vCenter Lookup Service, system administrators must log in to VMware Cloud Director with their vCenter Single Sign-On credentials.