By directly setting quota on a group, you can manage the overall resource consumption limit of each user in it. You can add, edit, and remove the group's quotas on VMs, Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, CPU, memory, or storage. Quotas of the group are applied on each member of the group.

Users inherit quotas from the group they belong to. If a user inherits a resource quota from their group and has an explicit user-level quota defined for that resource, then the user-level quota takes priority over the group-level quota.

For information about importing groups, see Import a Group.


Verify that you have the necessary rights to add, edit, and delete resource quotas. By default, Organization administrators can change the quotas of groups.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Administration.
  2. In the left panel under Access Control, click Groups.
  3. Select the name of a group and select the Quotas tab.
    Groups do not have any quotas by default. All users that belong to a group inherit the group's quotas. If the user belongs to a group that has a quota on resources, the quota appears in the user's list of quotas as not editable.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Modify the quota for the selected group.
    You can add, edit, or remove quotas on the number of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, all or running VMs managed by the group, consumed CPU, memory, and storage. Select Unlimited if you want the group of users to have unlimited resources of the selected type.
  6. Click Save.