The Service Library page in the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal lists the set of vRealize Orchestrator workflows that are imported to VMware Cloud Director and published to your organization.


  • Verify that the Service Library rights are included in your predefined user role.
  • Verify that your service provider enabled the vRO Workflow Execution UI plug-in and published it to your organization.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Libraries and under Services, select Service Library.
    The list of service items appears in a card view of 12 items per page, sorted by names alphabetically. Each card shows the name of the service and a tag that corresponds to the service category where vRealize Orchestrator is imported.
  2. In the Search text box on the top of the page, enter the first word of either the name of the service or the name of the category, to which the service belongs.
    1. Select whether you want to search among the names of the service or among the categories.
    The search results display in a card view of twelve items per page, sorted by names in alphabetical order.