If you are working with VMware Cloud Director deployments in multiple locations, you can view resource lists that include information about objects from all the connected sites.

To facilitate navigating through vSphere and cloud resources from the Service Provider Admin Portal, starting with version 9.7, VMware Cloud Director introduces multisite resource lists. Starting with version 10.0, VMware Cloud Director supports multisite resource lists that include organizations.

You can access the resource lists through the vSphere Resources and the Cloud Resources menus.

You can access detailed information about objects from the different sites and also create objects both on the local site and on remote sites.

Multisite vSphere resources lists are supported for vCenter Server instances, NSX Manager instances, resource pools, datastores, hosts, distributed switches, port groups, stranded items, and storage policies.

Multisite cloud resources lists are supported for organizations, organization VDCs, organization VDC templates, provider VDCs, cloud cells, edge gateways, external networks, network pools, and VM sizing policies.