You can publish a dedicated vCenter Server to a tenant and make it visible through the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal. By default, one vCenter Server should be published only to one tenant.

By default, an SDDC is a vCenter Server instance that you dedicate to a single tenant by publishing the corresponding dedicated vCenter Server instance only to its organization. The tenant does not share the dedicated vCenter Server instance resources with other tenants. Publishing a dedicated vCenter Server instance to multiple tenants violates the tenancy boundaries. However, sometimes a tenant must have access to multiple dedicated vCenter Server instances. In these cases, you can publish a dedicated vCenter Server instance to multiple tenants.



  1. From the top navigation bar, under Resources, click Infrastructure Resources.
  2. In the left panel, select vCenter Server Instances.
  3. Select a vCenter Server with enabled tenant access.
    The vCenter Server instances with enabled tenant access have a Dedicated value in the Usage column.
  4. Click Manage Tenants.
  5. Select the tenant or tenants to which you want to publish the vCenter Server instance.
    Deselecting a tenant from the list, unpublishes the vCenter Server.
  6. Click Save.

What to do next

To enable users to access the dedicated vCenter Server instances and the proxies from the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal, you must publish the CPOM extension plug-in to their organizations. See Publish or Unpublish a Plug-in from an Organization.