As a system administrator, you can configure your VMware Cloud Director system organization and any other organization in the system to use an LDAP server as a source of users and groups. The organizations can use either the system LDAP connection or a private LDAP connection.

Starting with version 10.1, VMware Cloud Director is moving to a centralized, tenant-aware storage area for certificate management. This way, VMware Cloud Director centralizes all certificates in one place so that system administrators and organization administrators can view, audit, and manage all certificates in use by various components in the system. You can use the VMware Cloud Director API to add, update, or remove certificates from the new tenant-aware storage area. See VMware Cloud Director API Schema Reference.

When adding or editing a new LDAP server endpoint, you can use the VMware Cloud Director UI to test a remote connection to an endpoint and to establish a trust relationship. See Test the Connection to a Remote Server and Establish a Trust Relationship. VMware Cloud Director adds any certificate you decide to trust to a centralized certificate storage area.

Note: For successful VMware Cloud Director integration with external identity providers, to determine the correct values and settings and to ensure proper and accurate configuration, see also the product documentation of those identity providers.