By using route advertisement, you can create a fully routed network environment in an organization virtual data center (VDC).

Note: If you are using IP spaces, route advertisement is managed at the organization VDC network level. When you create an IP space, configuring its network topology includes allowing route advertisement for the routed networks associated with the IP space from the edge gateway to the provider gateway. See Enable Route Advertisement for an IP Space and Create a Routed Organization VDC Network.
You can decide which of the network subnets that are attached to the edge gateway backed by NSX to advertise to the dedicated tier-0 gateway.

If a subnet is not added to the advertisement filter, the route to it is not advertised to the tier-0 gateway and the subnet remains private.

Note: VMware Cloud Director advertises any organization VDC network that falls within the advertised route. Because of that, you do not need to create a filter for each subnet that is part of an advertised network.

Route advertisement is automatically configured on the NSX edge gateway.

VMware Cloud Director supports automatic route redistribution when you use route advertisement on an NSX edge gateway. Route redistribution is automatically configured on the tier-0 logical router which represents the dedicated tier-0 gateway.


  • Verify that you have dedicated a tier-0 gateway to a VMware Cloud Director edge gateway backed by NSX in the organization. See Dedicated Tier-0 Gateways.


  1. From the top navigation bar, select Resources and click Cloud Resources.
  2. In the left panel, click Edge Gateways, and click the name of the target edge gateway.
  3. Under Routing, click Route Advertisement and Edit.
  4. To add a subnet to be advertised, click Add.
  5. Add an IPv4 or IPv6 subnet.
    Use the format network_gateway_IP_address/ subnet_prefix_length, for example,