To register vSphere VLAN IDs for VMware Cloud Director to use, add a VLAN-backed network pool. A VLAN-backed network pool provides the security, scalability, and performance for organization VDC networks.


Verify that a range of VLAN IDs and a vSphere distributed switch are available in vSphere. The VLAN IDs must be valid IDs that are configured in the physical switch to which the ESXi servers are connected.

Caution: The VLANs must be isolated at the layer 2 level. Failure to isolate properly the VLANs can cause a disruption on the network.


  1. From the top navigation bar, select Resources and click Cloud Resources.
  2. In the left panel, select Network Pools and click New.
  3. Enter a name and, optionally, a description for the new network pool, and click Next.
  4. Select VLAN-backed and click Next.
  5. Select a vCenter Server instance to specify the distributed virtual switch to be used by this network pool and click Next.
  6. Enter a VLAN ID range and click Next.
  7. Select a distributed switch for the network pool and click Next.
  8. Review the network pool settings and click Finish.

What to do next

Create an organization VDC network that is backed by the network pool or associate the network pool with an organization VDC and create vApp networks.