By associating an action to a custom entity definition, you can execute a set of vRealize Orchestrator workflows on the instances of a particular custom entity.


  1. From the top navigation bar, select Libraries.
    1. From the left panel, select Custom Entity Definitions.
    The list of custom entities displays in a card view of 12 items per page, sorted by names in alphabetical order. Each card shows the name of the custom entity, the vRealize Orchestrator type to which the entity is mapped, the type of the entity, and a description, if available.
  2. In the card of the selected custom entity, select Actions > Associate Action.
    A new dialog opens.
  3. Follow the steps of the Associate Custom Entity to VRO Workflow wizard.
    Step Details
    Select VRO Workflow Select one of the listed workflows. These are the workflows that are available in the Service Library page.
    Select Workflow Input Parameter Select an available input parameter from the list. You associate the type of the vRealize Orchestrator workflow with the type of the custom entity definition.
    Review Association Review the details that you specified and click Done to complete the association.


For example, if you have a custom entity of type SSH:Host, you can associate it with the Add a Root Folder to SSH Host workflow by selecting the sshHost input parameter, which matches the type of the custom entity.