When you delete an object in VMware Cloud Director and that object also exists in vSphere, VMware Cloud Director attempts to delete the object from vSphere. In some situations, VMware Cloud Director may not be able to delete the object in vSphere, in which case, the object becomes stranded.

You can view a list of stranded items and try again to delete them, or you can use the vSphere Client to delete the stranded objects in vSphere.

Delete a Stranded Item

You can delete a stranded item to try to remove an object from vSphere that you already deleted from VMware Cloud Director.


  1. From the top navigation bar, under Resources, click Infrastructure Resources.
  2. Click Stranded Items.
  3. Select the stranded item and click Delete.
  4. (Optional) Select the Force delete check box.
    This removes the stranded item from the stranded items list, but the stranded item continues to exist in vSphere.
  5. Click Ok.