You can control service provider and tenant access to services by publishing a service.


  1. From the top navigation bar, select Libraries.
    1. From the left panel, select Service Library.
    Available services display in a card view of 12 items per page, sorted by names in alphabetical order. Each card indicates that the item is a vRealize Orchestrator workflow and shows the name of the service and a tag that corresponds to the service category, in which the workflow is imported.
  2. In the card of the selected service, select Manage > Publish Workflow.
    The Publish Workflow dialog appears.
  3. To publish to service providers, select Publish to Service Providers and click Save.
  4. To publish to a specific tenant organization, select Publish to Tenants button.
    1. A list with available tenant organizations appears. Select the tenant organization, to which to publish the workflow and click Save.
  5. To publish to all tenant organizations, select Publish to All Tenants and click Save.