The remote users are assigned virtual IP addresses from the static IP pools that you configure using the IP Pools screen on the SSL VPN-Plus tab.

Each IP pool added in this screen results in an IP address subnet configured on the edge gateway. The IP address ranges used in these IP pools must be different from all other networks configured on the edge gateway.

Note: SSL VPN assigns IP addresses to the remote users from the IP pools based on the order the IP pools appear in the on-screen table. After you add the IP pools to the on-screen table, you can adjust their positions in the table using the up and down arrows.



  1. On the SSL VPN-Plus tab, click IP Pools.
  2. Click the Create (Create button) button.
  3. Configure the IP pool settings.
    Option Action
    IP Range Enter an IP address range for this IP pool, such as

    These IP addresses will be assigned to VPN clients when they authenticate and connect to the SSL VPN tunnel.

    Netmask Enter the netmask of the IP pool, such as
    Gateway Enter the IP address that you want the edge gateway to create and assign as the gateway address for this IP pool.

    When the IP pool is created, a virtual adapter is created on the edge gateway virtual machine and this IP address is configured on that virtual interface. This IP address can be any IP within the subnet that is not also in the range in the IP Range field.

    Description (Optional) Enter a description for this IP pool.
    Status Select whether to activate or deactivate this IP pool.
    Primary DNS (Optional) Enter the name of the primary DNS server that will be used for name resolution for these virtual IP addresses.
    Secondary DNS (Optional) Enter the name of the secondary DNS server to use.
    DNS Suffix (Optional) Enter the DNS suffix for the domain the client systems are hosted on, for domain-based host name resolution.
    WINS Server (Optional) Enter the WINS server address for the needs of your organization.
  4. Click Keep.


The IP pool configuration is added to the on-screen table.

What to do next

Add private networks that you want accessible to your remote users connecting with SSL VPN-Plus. See Add a Private Network for Use with SSL VPN-Plus on an NSX Data Center for vSphere Edge Gateway.