When a system administrator creates an organization virtual data center (VDC) template and publishes the template to your organization, you can create an organization VDC from the template.


This operation requires the rights included in the predefined Organization Administrator role or a role that has rights to view and instantiate organization VDC templates.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Libraries and in the left panel, select Organization VDC Templates.
    The list of virtual data center templates appears in a grid view.
  2. Select a template, and click Instantiate VDC.
  3. Enter a name of the VDC and, optionally, a description.
  4. Click Create.


The creation of the new organization virtual data center is instantiated and might take a few minutes. You can see the progress of the task in the Recent Tasks panel.

What to do next

You can manage your newly created organization virtual data center by creating virtual machines, vApps, managing the network and security settings, and so on.