You can use the VMware Cloud Director quick search to find screens, entities, and actions. The results depend on your location in the UI.

The results depend on the context, whether you selected an entity, and depending on the available actions for a particular entity. The search results are grouped into sections.

  • Global Navigation - the results in this section are not related to a specific entity, for example, Edge Gateways, LDAP, Tasks, Trusted Certificates, Virtual Machines, and so on. You get these results regardless of where you are in the UI.
  • Contextual Navigation - the results in this section depend on the selected entity in the UI. For example, vApp specific views like VMs, Network Diagram, and so on. If you select an entity like a vApp, the search shows both global and contextual navigation results and any actions that might be applicable to the entity.
  • Contextual Actions - the results in this section depend on the selected entity in the UI. Depending on your location in the UI and the entity you select, by using the quick search results, you can perform an action related to the entity. For example, searching from the details view of a virtual machine displays results from the global views, contextual views, and actions that you can perform on the selected VM.
  • Entity Search by Name - if you are viewing a list of entities, the search results can include also names of entities of the same type as the ones in the list. For example, if you are viewing a list of VMs, the search results include global navigation matches and matching names of VMs. If there is more than one page of entities in the list you are viewing, the search checks the full list of entities and might show a name that is not visible on the current page.


  1. Open the Quick Search window.
    • From the top navigation bar, click the Help menu and select Quick Search.
    • Press Ctrl+. or Cmd+., depending on your operating system.
  2. Enter search criteria.
  3. Browse through the results and select an option or perform an action by clicking or pressing Enter.
    You can use the up and down arrow keys to browse through the search results.