You can access a dedicated vCenter Server environment or vCenter Server components from the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal.

Dedicated vSphere Data Centers

In VMware Cloud Director, a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) encapsulates an entire dedicated vCenter Server environment.

Dedicated vCenter Server instances in VMware Cloud Director remove the requirement for a vCenter Server instance to be publicly accessible.

The system administrator can publish one or more dedicated vCenter Server instances to your organization. You can use the endpoints to access the UI or API of proxied or non-proxied components.


A dedicated vCenter Server instance can include one or more endpoints that provide access to different components from the underlying environment. Endpoints can provide an access point to a data center component, such as a vCenter Server instance, an ESXi host, an NSX Manager instance, or an NSX Manager instance.

Endpoints might or might not be connected to a proxy.


VMware Cloud Director can act as an HTTPS proxy server and provide access to a dedicated vCenter Server instance, and to different components of shared or dedicated vCenter Server instances that are backing up your environment.

You can log in to the UI or API of the proxied components by using your VMware Cloud Director account.

To access proxied components, you must either use Chrome Browser Extension for VMware Cloud Director, or manually configure your browser with your proxy Settings.