The firewall for the edge gateway helps you meet key perimeter security requirements, such as building DMZs based on IP/VLAN constructs, tenant-to-tenant isolation in multi-tenant virtual data centers, Network Address Translation (NAT), partner (extranet) VPNs, and user-based SSL VPNs.

The edge gateway firewall capability in the VMware Cloud Director environment is provided by NSX Data Center for vSphere. In NSX Data Center for vSphere, this firewall capability is also referred to as the edge firewall. The edge gateway firewall monitors North-South traffic to provide perimeter security functionality including firewall, Network Address Translation (NAT) as well as site-to-site IPSec and SSL VPN functionality.

For more detailed information about the capabilities provided by the edge gateway firewall ofNSX Data Center for vSphere, see the NSX Data Center for vSphere documentation.