Running a VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator workflow with an input parameter being an object type that is already defined as a custom entity definition in VMware Cloud Director shows the output parameter as an instance of a custom entity.


This operation requires the Custom Entity rights to be included in the predefined user role.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Libraries and under Services, select Custom Entity Definitions.
    The list of custom entities appears in a card view of 12 items per page, sorted by names alphabetically. Each card shows the name of the custom entity, the VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator type to which the entity is mapped, the type of the entity, and a description, if available.
  2. In the card of the selected custom entity, click Instances.
    The available instances display in a grid view.
  3. Click the list bar (Context menu) on the left of each entity to display the associated workflows.
    Clicking on a workflow initiates a workflow run which takes the entity instance as an input parameter.