You can replace the edge gateway that represents an active or standby egress point in a data center group.


  • This operation requires the System Administrator role or a role with the VDC Group: Configure VDC Group right published to the organization.

  • The new edge gateway must not be in use by other egress points in the data center group.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Networking and then click the Data Center Groups tab.
    The list of data center groups appears.
  2. Click the target data center group.
    The Network Topology view for this data center group opens. The diagram of the current network topology displays the participating VDCs with their network fault domains, the egress points, if configured, and the traffic routes.
  3. If you are replacing an egress point from a network fault domain configuration, on the network topology diagram, select the network fault domain of the target egress point.
    Network fault domains are represented with solid lines and domain names at the bottom of the diagram.
    The selected network fault domain is marked in blue.
  4. In the upper right corner of the card of the target egress point, click the three dots, and click Replace.
    The Replace Egress Point page opens providing a list of the edge gateways that belong to the participating virtual data centers.
  5. Select the new edge gateway and click Replace.


BGP routes are removed from the old edge gateway and configured on the new edge gateway representing the egress point and the universal router of the virtual data center group.

The network topology diagram is updated with the name of the new edge gateway.