You can configure certain vApp networks to provide DHCP services to virtual machines in the vApp.

When you enable DHCP for a vApp network, connect a NIC on virtual machine in the vApp to that network, and select DHCP as the IP mode for that NIC. VMware Cloud Director assigns a DHCP IP address to the virtual machine when you power it on.


Verify that the vApp network is either routed or isolated.


  1. On the Virtual Data Center dashboard screen, click the card of the virtual data center you want to explore, and from the left panel, select vApps.
  2. Click Card Icon to view the vApps in a card view.
  3. In the card of the selected vApp, click Details.
  4. On the Networks tab, click a network to view the network details.
  5. On the IP Management tab, click DHCP.
    The DHCP status is displayed.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Click Enabled.
  8. In the IP Pool text box, enter a range of IP addresses.
    VMware Cloud Director uses these addresses to satisfy DHCP requests. The range of DHCP IP addresses cannot overlap with the static IP pool for the vApp network.
  9. Set the default and maximum lease time in seconds.
  10. Click Save.