After a system administrator associates two sites, organization administrators at any member site can begin associating their organizations.

To create an association between two organizations, in this example Org-A and Org-B, you must be an organization administrator for both organizations so that you can log in to each organization, retrieve its local association data, and submit the retrieved data to the other organization.

Important: The process of associating two organizations can be logically decomposed into two complementary pairing operations. The first operation in this example pairs Org-A at Site-A with Org-B at Site-B. You must then pair Org-B at Site-B with Org-A at Site-A. Until both pairings are complete, the association is incomplete.


  • Verify that the sites that the organizations occupy are associated.
  • Verify that you have the system administrator rights at both sites or the organization administrator rights at both organizations.
  • Verify that the associations of sites and organizations use the same identity provider.


  1. Retrieve the local association data of an organization you want to associate.
    1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal of the site where the organization is located.
    2. From the top navigation bar, select Administration.
    3. In the left panel, under Settings, click Multisite.
    4. Click Download Local Data, and save the XML file.
  2. Repeat Step 1a to Step 1d for the organizations you want to associate.
  3. On any of the sites, click New Organization Association.
  4. Click Upload, select the data file from another organization, and click Open.
  5. To create the site association, click Create and select the relevant option for your organization association configuration.
    Option Description
    Create and Add Another Select this option if you are associating more than two organizations.
    Create and Go to Associated Organization Select this option if you are associating two organizations and want to go directly to the second organization to upload the data file for the first.
    Create and Close Select this option if you want to complete the organization association on this site and close the window. You must manually navigate to another organization to upload the relevant data files.

    When you upload the data file to only one of the organizations, you create a partial connection. To complete the association, you must upload all respective data files to each associated organizations. For example, if you are associating Org-A at Site-A, Org-B at Site-B, and Org-C at Site-C. At Org-A, you must upload the data files for Org-B and Org-C. On Org-B, you must upload the data files for Org-A and Org-C. On Org-C, you must upload the data files for Org-A and Org-B. When you upload all the necessary files, the sites become Connected.

  6. If you want to associate more than two organizations, upload the data files for the organizations you want to associate.
    1. Upload the data files for the organizations you want to associate with this organization.
    2. Click Create and select Create and Close.
    3. Navigate to the Multisite tab for each organization you want to associate, and upload the data files of the other organizations.