To start using DHCP in relay mode with a routed NSX network, you must first activate DHCP forwarding on the NSX edge gateway with which the routed network is associated.

You can use a different DHCP server for each gateway and you can configure up to 8 DHCP servers on a single edge gateway to provide support for multiple IP domains.


Verify that you are an organization administrator, system administrator, or that you are assigned a role that includes an equivalent set of rights.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Networking and click the Edge Gateways tab.
  2. Click the edge gateway.
  3. Under IP Management, click DHCP Forwarding.
  4. Click Enable DHCP Forwarding.
  5. Enter at least one IPv4 or IPv6 DHCP server address and click Enable.

What to do next

Depending on your environment needs, choose one of the following options.