From the portal, you can view the list of all events, as well as their details and status.

The events view is a way to view the status of the events in your portal. The view shows when the events happened, and whether they were successful. The events view contains one-time occurrences, such as user logins and object creation, or deletion.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Monitor and Events.
    The list of all events displays, along with the time the event happened and the status of the event.
  2. Click the editor icon (Grid Editor) to change the details you want to view about the events.
  3. (Optional) Click an event to view the event details.
    Detail Description
    Event Name of the event.

    For example, if you modify a vApp to include virtual machines in it, the event that starts the whole operation is Task 'Modify vApp' start.

    Event ID ID of the task.

    The object on which the task was performed. For example, if you created a virtual machine, the type is vm.

    Target Target object of the event.

    For example, when you modify a vApp to include virtual machines in it, the target of the Task 'Modify vApp' start event is vdcUpdateVapp.

    Status Status of the event, such as Succeeded or Failed.
    Service namespace Service name, such as
    Organization Name of the organization.
    Owner User who triggered the event.
    Time of occurrence Date and time when the event occurred.