A vApp network diagram provides a graphical view of the virtual machines and networks in a vApp.


To view the vApp network diagram, your vApp must contain less than 40 virtual machines. If the vApp contains more than 40 virtual machines, the diagram is not available.


  1. On the Virtual Data Center dashboard screen, click the card of the virtual data center you want to explore, and from the left panel, select vApps.
  2. Click Card Icon to view the vApps in a card view.
  3. In the card of the selected vApp, click Details.
  4. Click the Networks Diagram tab.
    The diagram showing how the virtual machines and the networks in the vApp are connected is displayed. A star sign represents a primary NIC. If a NIC is connected, its color is green, if a NIC is not connected, its color is white.
  5. (Optional) To highlight the connected virtual machines and networks, click a network or a virtual machine.
    The connected objects and the connections between them are highlighted.

What to do next

You can add virtual machines or networks from this page.