Starting with VMware Cloud Director 10.2.2, your service provider can grant you rights to create and manage scale groups. You can add rules that trigger the growing or shrinking of scale groups.


Create a Scale Group


  1. From the top navigation bar, select Applications and select the Scale Groups tab.
  2. Select a scale group and select Rules.
  3. Click Add Rule.
  4. Enter a name for the rule.
  5. Select whether the scale group must expand or shrink when the rule takes effect.
  6. Select the number of VMs by which you want the group to expand or shrink when the rule takes effect.
  7. Enter a cooldown period in minutes after each auto scale in the group.
    The conditions cannot trigger another scaling until the cooldown period expires. The cooldown period resets when any of the rules of the scale group takes effect.
  8. Add a condition that triggers the rule.
    The duration period is the time for which the condition must be valid to trigger the rule. To trigger the rule, all conditions must be met.
  9. (Optional) To add another condition, click Add Condition.
  10. Click Add.