You can add users to your organizations by importing an LDAP user or a SAML user and assigning them a certain role.



  1. In the top navigation bar, click Administration.
  2. In the left panel, under Access Control, click Users.
    The list of users appears.
  3. Click Import Users.
  4. Select a source from which you want to import the users.
    You will only view the source LDAP server or SAML server that you configured as identity provider.
    Source Action
    LDAP Import users from an LDAP server.
    1. Enter a full or partial name in the text box and click Search.
    2. Select the users whom you want to import and click Add.
    SAML Import users from a SAML server. Enter the user names of the users that you want to import.
    User names must be in the name identifier format supported by the SAML identity provider configured for this organization.
    Note: If you are using vCenter Single Sign-On as the SAML identity provider, the user names that you import from a vCenter Single Sign-On domain must be in User Principal Name (UPN) format, for example
    Use a new line for each user name.
  5. Select the role which you want to assign to the users that you import.
  6. Click Save.