To connect to an external network by a direct route, system administrators can set up a direct connection.

Direct network creation is supported in organization VDCs backed by NSX or by NSX Data Center for vSphere.

If you log in to the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal as an organization administrator and attempt to create a direct organization virtual data center network, you receive a warning message that you have insufficient rights.


Verify that you have system administrator rights.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Networking.
  2. On the Networks tab, click New.
  3. On the Scope page, select Organization Virtual Data Center, select a VDC in which to create the network, and click Next.
  4. On the Network Type page, select Direct and click Next.
  5. Enter a meaningful name for the network.
  6. Enter a description of the organization VDC network.
  7. (Optional) To make the organization VDC network available to other organization VDCs within the same organization, toggle on the Shared option.
  8. On the External Network Connection page, select the external network to which you want your new organization virtual data center network to connect directly, and click Next.
  9. Review your settings and click Finish.