This is an overview of the configuration parameters that are necessary to balance traffic across VMware Cloud Director cells.

For detailed information on sizing guidelines and configuration instructions, see the documentation for your load balancing solution or contact your load balancer vendor.
Note: You can use load balancing for VMware Cloud Director application cells, but only for HTTPS traffic distribution.
Component Configuration Setting
Health Monitor
  • Type: HTTPS
  • Send Interval: 30 seconds
  • Receive Timeout: 10 seconds
  • For client request data, use one of the following methods.
    GET /cloud/server_status HTTP/1.0
    Response = "Service is up."
    HEAD /cloud/server_status HTTP/1.0
    Response Code: 2xx
  • Failed and successful checks: 3
Server pool
Application profile
  • Type: HTTPS
  • HTTP Request Header: X-Forward-For
  • Idle Timeout: 15 Seconds
  • Response Timeout: 60 Seconds
  • Request Header Size: 65535
  • ResponseHeader Size: 50000
Virtual service
  • Type: Layer 7 SSL Termination is Recommended
  • Ports: 80, 443
  • Enable SSL
  • Valid SSL certificate

What to do next

Update the default endpoint web addresses for the VMware Cloud Director. See Customize Public Addresses for the VMware Cloud Director Appliance.