Starting with VMware Cloud Director 10.5, you can use Content Hub for centralized content management of application images.

Application Images

An application image is a catalog item that contains all application specific details, such as application name, application version, application logo, screenshots, and any additional information necessary to consume the application. After upgrading to version 10.5, all pre-existing catalog items, such as vApp templates and media files, appear as application images. You can still see the catalog items as vApp templates, virtual machines within the vApps, and media files.

External Resources for Application Images

With Content Hub, VMware Cloud Director can integrate with multiple external content sources, such as VMware Marketplace and external Helm chart repositories.

Service providers can create multiple catalog content resources for both VMware Marketplace and external Helm chart repositories, while tenants can create catalog content resources only for external Helm chart repositories. Tenants can deploy Helm chart container applications from these catalog content resources to Kubernetes clusters they own or to clusters other tenants share with them.

External Source Helm Chart Application Image VM Application Image
VMware Marketplace
Helm chart repository