To view and update the valid IP addresses and DNS entries for the VMware Cloud Director cells in your VMware Cloud Director environment, you can use the VMware Cloud Director API.


You cannot access the VMware Cloud Director Service Provider Admin Portal or the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal after a successful login or after changing the DNS entries.

After you enter your credentials in the login screen, the following error message appears: Failed to Start. An error was encountered during initialization. This can be caused by issues such as accessing the application via an unsupported public URL or poor connectivity.

The access to the VMware Cloud Director UI might be limited even if the Public Addresses fields are properly configured.

For more information about the cause of the problem, see Configure CORS.


  • Familiarize yourself with the relevant VMware Cloud Director API documentation.
  • Verify that you have system administrator credentials.


  1. Make a GET request with an authorization header with the JSON Web Token (JWT) and an accept header to the https://{api_host}/cloudapi/1.0.0/site/settings/cors API endpoint.
    For more details and an alternative approach, see Configure CORS.

    The system output is a list that should contain HTTP and HTTPS entries with IP addresses and DNS names for all cells in the server group. It should also contain the public host name and IP address that the load balancer uses.

    Each endpoint in the list must have three entries:
    • FQDN
    • HTTP
    • HTTPS
      "values": [
          "origin": "vcd.domain.local"
          "origin": "http://vcd.domain.local"
          "origin": "https://vcd.domain.local"
  2. Verify that for every endpoint in the list, there are three entries and make a PUT request to the API endpoint.
    Verify that when you perform a REST PUT operation, you provide all values of the origins configuration which are currently configured and which you need to retain.