Various VMware Cloud Director rights are common to multiple predefined global roles. These rights are granted by default to all new organizations, and are available for use in other roles created by the organization administrator.

Rights Included in the Global Tenant Roles in VMware Cloud Director

This list consists of the rights available to user roles in the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal. For the rights available to System Administrators, see System Administrator Rights in VMware Cloud Director.

The rights' names in the table below are the VMware Cloud Director API rights' names. The API and UI rights' names might be different. If you want to see a list of all VMware Cloud Director rights with API rights' names, UI rights' names, UI right categories, and so on, see the VMware Cloud Director 10.5.x Rights file in CSV format.

New in this release Right Name Organization Administrator Catalog Author vApp Author vApp User Console Access Only
Access All Organization VDCs
API Tokens: Manage
API Tokens: Manage All
Catalog Content Source: Change Owner
Catalog Content Source: Delete
Catalog Content Source: Edit
Catalog Content Source: Sharing
Catalog Content Source: View
Catalog Content Source: View ACL
Catalog: Add vApp from My Cloud
Catalog: Change Owner
Catalog: Create / Delete a Catalog
Catalog: Edit Properties
Catalog: Publish
Catalog: Sharing
Catalog: VCSP Publish Subscribe
Catalog: View ACL
Catalog: View Private and Shared Catalogs
Catalog: View Published Catalogs
Certificate Library: Manage
Certificate Library: View
Container App: Manage
Container App: View
Custom entity: View all custom entity instances in org
Custom entity: View custom entity instance
General: Administrator Control
General: Administrator View
General: Send Notification
Group / User: Manage
Group / User: View
IP Spaces: Allocate
Metadata File Entry: Create/Modify
Organization Network: Edit Properties
Organization Network: View
Organization vDC Compute Policy: View
Organization vDC Disk: Edit IOPS
Organization vDC Disk: View IOPS
Organization vDC Distributed Firewall: Configure Rules
Organization vDC Distributed Firewall: View Rules
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure DHCP
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure DNS
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure ECMP Routing
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure Firewall
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure IPSec VPN
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure Load Balancer
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure NAT
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure Static Routing
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure Syslog
Organization vDC Gateway: Convert to Advanced Networking
Organization vDC Gateway: View
Organization vDC Gateway: View DHCP
Organization vDC Gateway: View DNS
Organization vDC Gateway: View Firewall
Organization vDC Gateway: View IPSec VPN
Organization vDC Gateway: View Load Balancer
Organization vDC Gateway: View NAT
Organization vDC Gateway: View Static Routing
Organization vDC Named Disk: Change Owner
Organization vDC Named Disk: Create
Organization vDC Named Disk: Delete
Organization vDC Named Disk: Edit Properties
Organization vDC Named Disk: Move
Organization vDC Named Disk: View Encryption Status
Organization vDC Named Disk: View Properties
Organization vDC Network: Edit Properties
Organization vDC Network: View Properties
Organization vDC Storage Policy: View Capabilities
Organization vDC Storage Profile: Set Default
Organization vDC: Edit ACL
Organization vDC: Manage Firewall
✓ (Available in version 10.5.1 and later) Organization vDC: Migrate Storage
Organization vDC: Simple Edit
Organization vDC: User View
Organization vDC: View ACL
Organization vDC: View CPU and Memory Reservation
Organization VDC: view metrics
Organization vDC: VM-VM Affinity Edit
Organization: Edit Association Settings
Organization: Edit Federation Settings
Organization: Edit Leases Policy
Organization: Edit OAuth Settings
Organization: Edit Password Policy
Organization: Edit Properties
Organization: Edit Quotas Policy
Organization: Edit SMTP Settings
Organization: Import User/Group from IdP while Editing VDC ACL
Organization: View
Organization: View Association Settings
Organization: view metrics
Private IP Spaces: Manage
Private IP Spaces: View
Provider Gateway: Simple View
Quota Policy Capabilities: View
Role: Create, Edit, Delete, or Copy
Security Tag Edit
Service Library: View service libraries
SSL: Test Connection
Truststore: Manage
Truststore: View
UI Plugins: View
vApp Template / Media: Copy
vApp Template / Media: Create / Upload
vApp Template / Media: Edit
vApp Template / Media: View
vApp Template: Add to My Cloud
vApp Template: Change Owner
vApp Template: Download
vApp: Change Owner
vApp: Copy
vApp: Create / Reconfigure
vApp: Delete
vApp: Download
vApp: Edit Properties
vApp: Edit VM Compute Policy
vApp: Edit VM CPU
vApp: Edit VM Hard Disk
vApp: Edit VM Memory
vApp: Edit VM Network
vApp: Edit VM Properties
vApp: Manage VM Password Settings
vApp: Power Operations
vApp: Sharing
vApp: Snapshot Operations
vApp: Upload
vApp: Use Console
vApp: View ACL
vApp: View VM and VM's Disks Encryption Status
vApp: View VM metrics
vApp: VM Boot Options
vApp: VM Metadata to vCenter
VDC Group: Configure
VDC Group: Configure Logging
VDC Group: View
VDC Template: Instantiate
VDC Template: View
vGPU Profile Consumption: View