You can create a user within your VMware Cloud Director organization.

You can create a VMware Cloud Director user by selecting a user name, password, and role.


Verify that you are logged in as an organization administrator or a role with equivalent set of rights.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Administration.
  2. In the left panel, under Access Control, click Users.
    The list of users appears.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter a user name and the password setting of the user.
    The minimum password length is six characters.
  5. Select whether to enable the user upon creation.
  6. If you want to set a specific limitation on the resources available to the user, turn on the Configure user's quota toggle.
    If you turn on the toggle, when you complete this wizard, VMware Cloud Director redirects you to the Quotas page. You can add quotas on the number of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, all or running VMs managed by the user, consumed CPU, memory, and storage. Select Unlimited if you want the user to have unlimited resources of the selected type.
  7. Choose the role that you want to assign to the user.
    The Available roles menu consist of a list of predefined roles and any custom roles that you or the system administrator might have created.
    Predefined role Description
    vApp Author The rights associated with the predefined vApp Author role allow a user to use catalogs and create vApps.
    Console Access Only The rights associated with the predefined Console Access Only role allow a user to view virtual machine state and properties and to use the guest OS.
    vApp User The rights associated with the predefined vApp User role allow a user to use existing vApps.
    Organization Administrator A user with the predefined Organization Administrator role can use the VMware Cloud Director tenant portal or the Cloud Director OpenAPI to manage users and groups in their organization and assign them roles, including the predefined Organization Administrator role. An organization administrator can use the Cloud Director OpenAPI to create or update role objects that are local to the organization. Roles created or modified by an organization administrator are not visible to other organizations.
    Defer to Identity Provider Rights associated with the predefined Defer to Identity Provider role are determined based on information received from the user's OAuth or SAML Identity Provider. To qualify for inclusion when a user is assigned the Defer to Identity Provider role, a role name supplied by the Identity Provider must be an exact, case-sensitive match for a role, or name defined in your organization.
    Catalog Author The rights associated with the predefined Catalog Author role allow a user to create and publish catalogs.
  8. (Optional) Enter the contact information, such as name, email address, phone number, and instant messaging ID.
  9. Click Save.

What to do next

If you enabled quotas configuration for the user and VMware Cloud Director redirects you to the Quotas page, see Manage the Resource Quotas of a User in Your VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal.