When you move a vApp to another virtual data center, the vApp is removed from the source virtual data center.

When using the VMware Cloud Director API, VMware Cloud Director supports the moveVApp API for VMs with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) device if the target vCenter Server instance contains the key provider associated with the VM. There is no shared storage requirement for the moveVApp API. There are shared storage requirements for other operations that involve moving a vApp. For more information, see Working with Virtual Machines in the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal.


  • Verify that you have the vApp author role or a role that includes an equivalent set of rights.
  • Verify that the vApp is powered off.
  • To enable operations across vCenter Server instances where the source and destination vCenter Server instances are not the same, verify that the vCenter Server instances trust each other independently of VMware Cloud Director. To view the certificates that a vCenter Server instance trusts, see the Explore Certificate Stores Using the vSphere Client in the VMware vSphere Product Documentation. Verify that each vCenter Server instance trusts the other vCenter Server instances that it needs to interact with. See also KB 89906.
  • If you want work with VMs with TPM devices, verify that the following criteria are met.
    • A VDC that supports TPM backs the VM.
    • For operations across vCenter Server instances, verify that the key provider used to encrypt each VM is registered on the target vCenter Server instance under the same name.
    • For operations across vCenter Server instances, verify that the VM and the target vCenter Server instance are on the same shared storage or that fast cross vCenter Server vApp instantiation is enabled.


  1. On the Virtual Data Center dashboard screen, click the card of the virtual data center you want to explore, and from the left panel, select vApps.
  2. Click Card Icon to view the vApps in a card view.
  3. From the Actions menu of the vApp you want to move, select Move to.
  4. Select the virtual data center where you want to move the vApp and click OK.
  5. (Optional) Select the storage policy.
  6. Click OK.


The vApp is removed from the source data center and moved to the target data center.