If you have more than one virtual data center, when you log in to the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal, the Data Centers dashboard screen appears. If you have only one virtual data center, when you log in, you are directly navigated to the data center.

The Data Centers dashboard screen is part of the VMware Cloud Director multisite feature that makes it possible for tenants to see their geographically distributed cloud environment as a single entity. For more information about multisite, see Working with Multiple Sites in VMware Cloud Director.

The dashboard is a unified view of the VMware Cloud Director virtual data centers and sites not only in a single organization. In a multi-cell and multi-organization environment, you can also see the virtual data centers for all other associated organizations.
Note: Depending on their rights, tenant users can see all member sites of an organization or only a subset of sites.

The information about the organization is displayed on top in the summary ribbon.

If you log in as an organization administrator, you can see:
  • The number of sites, organizations, and virtual data centers
  • Total number of running vApps and virtual machines
  • Used hardware resources, such as CPU, memory, and storage

The virtual data centers display in a card view. Each card contains information about the organization to which the virtual center belongs, the number of vApps, the total number of virtual machines and the number of virtual machines that are in a running state. The card also shows the available CPU, memory, and storage capacity for the data center and displays real-time metrics about the current allocations and reservations of resources.

From the top navigation, you can navigate to the different menu items.
Menu Item Description
Data Centers Navigates you to the Virtual Data Center, Data Center Groups and Dedicated vSphere Datacenters resources in your organization
Virtual Data Center Navigates you to the Virtual Data Center screen that displays the virtual data centers within the organization.
Dedicated vSphere Data Centers Navigates you to the screen that displays the dedicated vSphere data centers that your service provider has published to your organization.
Applications Navigates you to the Virtual Applications, Virtual Machines, and Container Applications resources in your organization.
Networking Navigates you to the networks, edge gateways, and data center groups in your organization.
Content Hub Navigates you to a centralized content management view for application images, such as container applications, vApp templates, catalogs, media, and other types of files. You use these templates and files to deploy virtual machines, vApps, and container applications.
Libraries Navigates you to a view for management of additional organization virtual data centers.
Administration Navigates you to the Access Control, Identity Provider configuration screens, and to the general, email, guest personalization, metadata, multisite, and policies settings for your organization.
Monitor Navigates you to the Tasks and Events screens. The Tasks screen displays the tasks reported by VMware Cloud Director.The Events screen that displays the events reported by VMware Cloud Director.

You can customize your VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal by using the Branding Cloud Director OpenAPIs. For information about using the Cloud Director OpenAPI, see Getting Started with VMware Cloud Director OpenAPI.