After you create and configure a data center group, you can create and manage data center group networks spanning the participating VDCs.

You can use routed, isolated, and imported organization data center group networks backed by NSX.

A data center group network can only be scoped to a single data center group.

You can increase the scope of an existing network from an organization VDC to a data center group.

You can add all types of networks to a data center group.

Important: The IP addresses in the networks that participate in a data center group must not overlap, even if the networks are isolated.
Table 1. Types of Data Center Group Networks
Data Center Group Network Type Description
Isolated An isolated data center group network is accessible only by VDCs in the same data center group. Only virtual machines in the data center group can connect to and see traffic on the isolated data center group network.
Routed A routed data center group network provides controlled access to an external network through an NSX edge gateway that is part of the data center group.
Imported An imported data center group network uses an existing NSX logical switch. Only a system administrator can import a network.