If the primary or standby node in your database high availability cluster fails, you can use the VMware Cloud Director API to unregister the failed node to remove it from the cluster and avoid inconsistent cluster status data.

For more information about using the VMware Cloud Director API, see the UNREGISTER API method in the VMware Cloud Director Appliance API Schema Reference.


  • Verify that the node you want to unregister is inactive and make a note of its name. For information about the status of the cells and the name of the cell the standby cells are following, see View Your VMware Cloud Director Appliance Cluster Health and Failover Mode.
  • If you want to unregister a primary node, verify that the failed primary is inactive and without any following standby nodes, and promote a new primary.


  • To remove the inactive node, make a DELETE request on an active node on which to run the command.
    DELETE https://<Active _Node_FQDN>:5480/api/1.0.0/nodes/<Inactive_Node_Name>