If the connection information for an attached vCenter instance changes, or if you want to change its name and description in VMware Cloud Director, or its compute provider scope, you can edit the vCenter settings.

You can edit the settings that you configured when adding the vCenter instance. See Add the vCenter Instance to VMware Cloud Director.


  1. From the primary left navigation panel, select Resources, and from the page top navigation bar, select Infrastructure Resources.
  2. In the left pane, click vCenter Server Instances and click the name of the vCenter instance that you want to modify.
  3. In the upper-right corner of the vCenter Server Info section, click Edit.
  4. (Optional) Edit the name and description of the instance.
  5. (Optional) Edit the compute provider scope for the vCenter
    The compute provider scope represents compute fault domains, or availability zones which are visible to tenants and where workloads reside. By default, the compute provider scope of a provider virtual data center is inherited from the backing vCenter instance. You can differentiate the compute provider scope for the different provider VDCs that are backed by a single vCenter instance. For example, you can set the vCenter with a compute provider scope Germany and you can set the provider VDC with a scope Munich.
  6. (Optional) Edit the URL for the vCenter instance.
  7. (Optional) Edit the user name and password for the vCenter administrator account.
  8. (Optional) Turn on or off the Enabled toggle.
  9. Click Save.
  10. If you haven't already trusted the necessary certificates, on the Trust vSphere Certificate Authority window, confirm that you trust the certificate so that VMware Cloud Director trusts all vSphere components and the integration with vSphere is complete.
    Important: If you do not trust the vSphere CA, some VMware Cloud Director features do not work.
    The Trust vSphere Certificate Authority window appears after each edit of the vCenter instance until you import the necessary certificates.

What to do next

If you modified the connection information, you must Reconnect a vCenter Instance to Your VMware Cloud Director.